Sons of the American Colonists


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Governor General
Michael Perry Schenk
Vice Governor General
Michael Scott Swisher
Secretary General
Aaron Ramson White
Treasurer General
Edward R. Lief, Esq.
Registrar General
COL Robert Darrell Pollock
Advocate General
John Michael Phelps, Esq.
Proctor General
Hon. Richard Bender Abell
Chaplain General
The Rev. Barry Christopher Howard
Genealogist General
Alexander N. J. K. J. R. Bannerman
Captain General
Frank Lee Perryman
Steward General
Gary Roger Neal
Librarian General
John Arthur O’Malley
Surgeon General
Charles E. F. Drake, MD
Historiographer General
George James Hill, MD, D Litt
Archivist General
Robert Armstead Naud
Editor General
The Rev. Barry Christopher Howard
Honorary Governors General
John Hallberg Jones
Hardwick Smith Johnson, Jr., Ed.D.
Duane L.C.M. Galles, Ph.D.
John Mauk Hilliard
Arthur Louis Finnell
Peter Arrott Dixon
Richard Warren Sage
Thomas Edward Bird, Ph.D.
William Grantham Wood
Richard Stephen Austin
John Mackintosh Bourne
COL Charles Clement Lucas, M.D.
Philip Wendall Bernstorf, M.D.*
* Deceased.



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