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SAC Insignia

The Sons of the American Colonists carries a full complement of Society insignia, available to all members in good standing.

The Society badge (pictured in the banner art above), available in standard and miniature sizes, is available thanks to Hamilton Jewelers, respected jewelers well known among the genealogical community. The badge is suspended from a ribbon of the Society colors, red and gold. The standard badge design consists of a red escutcheon charged with an oak tree in gold, with a white bordure bearing the name of the Society. The escutcheon is enclosed in a gold wreath suspended from a smaller red shield charged with an oak sprig bearing an acorn, also in gold.

SAC rosetteThe Sons of the American Colonists offers a Society rosette as well (shown at left, at its approximate size), for less formal occasions. The rosette is crafted entirely of fine silk ribbon in the Society colors: within an outer ring of red is an inner starburst of gold, backed with a clutch clasp.

Members may request insignia by contacting the appropriate Society officer. For rosettes, contact the Treasurer General. For standard and miniature badges, as well as other paraphernalia available exclusively to officers, contact the Registrar General.


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