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Welcome to the website of the National Society, Sons of the American Colonists!

The Society was reorganized in 1986, to replace the predecessor organization of the same name that was established in 1956.

The objectives of the Society are as follows:

  • To assist and encourage the preservation of the colonial records and of historic sites associated with our Colonial heritage.
  • To foster the continued interest in historical and genealogical research of the Colonial era.
  • To encourage and support the growth and development of libraries specializing in genealogical and historical data of the Colonial Era.
  • To publish on a regular basis a Lineage Book of the Society to record the names of members and their ancestral data.
  • To encourage and develop a true and honest respect for the contribution of our ancestors to the establishment of a new nation

Those interested in joining the Society are encouraged to contact our Registrar General for more information.


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